Architect & Illustrator | Columbia GSAPP, AAD 2018

Space in scenery


Space in Scenery


GSAPP Advanced Studio V | Crit:Junya Ishigami

Date:2017.8-2017.12 | Individual Work


This project is set in a small hill inside a plateu wetland, Sanjogahara in Nikko, Japan.Program is an institutional viewing tower, where on-site research on wetland nature and botanic species is carried on for protecting the endangered wetland environment, as well as education for students hiking there. The general idea is to find the boundary of the spaces in the bushes, and form a gentle vertical route continuously to the existing hiking route. View is different on each level, and holes create multi-layered contanct and vague the light. All kinds of creatures are welcome to the scenario and can find their place for a new site and view for the bushes.